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This is a 1/2 Lb. lot of modern fabric scraps, which is roughly 1 1/2 yards of fabric. All bundles are color coordinated, so pick your color!

These scrap packs are an easy and economical way to build up your fabric stash! Most pieces are large, there may be a few smaller dcraps. but not more than 1 or 2 per pack. All have been trimmed and pressed. Choose from a variety of packs, sorted by color, each containing a variety of novelty, floral, blenders, geometrics and more.


Photos shown are just for reference. You may not receive exactly the bundle pictured, photos are just to show some of the fabrics that I have available. There are no repeated fabrics within each scrap pack, but if you order more than one you will get duplicates.


100% high-quality quilting cotton

Scrap Packs by Color - 1/2 Lb. - Stash Builder

  • ** Shipping costs shown tend to be exaggerated as each bundle has it's own estimated shipping charge. If you order multiple listings, I will refund ALL shipping overages so you only pay the exact cost to ship!

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