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Welcome to My New Blog!

Hi there, I'm so glad you found your way here! Due to complications involving me inadvertently letting my previous blog domain expire on Blogger ( and then someone else purchasing it and importing ALL MY content onto a different platform (Wordpress) blog of the same name, I am beginning a new blog here while I sort out what the heck is going on and what to do about it!!

Meanwhile, I've re-activated my old blog under the default Blogger address:

If you go to you will be at someone else's website (even though it looks almost identical to mine on Blogger and has all the same content). I have no control over what they post on their counterfeit version of my blog, including their most recent Star Wars themed post linking to an etsy studio account? It's all very, very weird and I just can't figure out why someone would do this!

Alright, so let's recap:


At any rate, I hope to use this space to share whatever creative endeavors I'm into at the moment, whether it's illustration, quilting, patterns or just inspiration!

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